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Individual Coaching

Are you looking for focused coaching to help you prepare for your next big audition, examination or competition? Then look no further than our Individual Coaching service.





Our team of experienced teachers offers personalised coaching to help you perfect your performance, build your confidence and stand out from the crowd. Whether you need help with exam preparation, getting ready to apply to theatre schools and colleges or competing in competitions our sessions can help. Individual coaching can be done regularly, one-off, or as part of a course.

We can help you achieve your goals!










Individual Coaching can not be booked online.

Please contact us directly on 07734651615

or via this link to discuss options.

Students who are 'Stage Novice' members taking LAMDA exams Grade 2 and above, will need to use this service in the run up to taking an exam.



Cost of Coaching Sessions
We have tried to keep individual sessions affordable for all by adding the option to share your session with others

1 Person

£15 - £25 per 20 mins

per student

2 People

£10 - £15 per 20 mins

per student

3 People

£8 - £12 per 20 mins per student

All of our individual coaching sessions are priced according to the expertise of our coaches, with our senior coaches costing more. Contact us today to book directly and discuss how individual coaching can help your child develop into a confident and creative individual.

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