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Payment Plans Explained



Stage Novice

  • Weekly Drama Session - Enroll your child in our weekly drama sessions and watch as they develop confidence, creativity, and teamwork skills that will last a lifetime. With a team of experienced teachers and assistants, your child will receive 45 minutes of engaging instruction (60 minutes for Seniors). See our menu for more information about each session including Musical Theatre and Street Dance.

  • Introduction to affiliated Agents and Management for professional work - At TLC, we are dedicated to helping students develop their skills in drama through our weekly drama sessions. But that's not all. We are proud to have affiliations with various children's agents and management companies to provide opportunities for your child to be cast in professional theatre, TV, and film. When we feel your child is ready, we introduce you to the appropriate affiliated agencies to help them take the next step in their career.

  • Option to study for LAMDA examinations - All students at TLC explore and work with LAMDA texts and are able to enter examinations if they wish to. It is important to note that with the 'Stage Novice' package, from Grade 2 upwards your child will need some individual coaching at some point to prepare for the examination. Costs for these sessions are detailed on Individual Coaching page. 


Spotlight Enthusiast

​You will get everything listed above in 'Stage Novice' plus...

  • 5 Individual 15 Minute coaching sessions per term, within your sessions - Our individual coaching service is the perfect addition to our weekly drama sessions. We believe that every child is unique and should receive tailored support to help them flourish. Our team of experienced teachers and assistants will provide your child with 5 individual coaching sessions per term within their weekly sessions, ensuring they are well prepared for any examinations or performances. Join us today and give your child the gift of confidence and creativity.



Masterclass Series

You will get all of the above plus...​

  • Personalised management and casting referrals - At TLC, we work hard to stay connected with casting directors and agents, so we get casting briefs for exciting roles ranging from commercials to feature films. Our professional team will carefully consider each brief, and personally refer your child to the ones we feel are ideal for them.


  • ​Online group coaching sessions - Our Online Group Coaching Sessions provide an opportunity for students to enhance their weekly sessions from the comfort of their own homes. We offer 6 annual sessions (2 per term), covering a wide range of skills that include mindset and mental wellbeing in theatre and performance. Our highly experienced coaches apply their expertise to help children improve transferable skills such as planning, time management, self-esteem, and confidence building and many others.

  • Additional workshops and Q&A sessions with industry professionals - Our online workshops and Q&A's with industry professionals offer our students an in-depth look into the world of drama and performance arts. As a member of our Masterclass Series, you will have access to up to 3 free workshops or Q&A sessions annually. The sessions are carefully crafted to give you insight into the craft of performing and to help you take your skills to the next level. Through our Q&A sessions. students have the opportunity to hear inspiring stories and learn about the industry from professionals. Our network includes performers from musical theatre, ballet, TV and film, as well as producers, directors, and choreographers. Whether you're interested in performing or want to learn more about the entertainment industry, these sessions are an opportunity not to be missed.

  • 10% discount on any extra TLC events and products - With our Masterclass Series, students can enjoy a 10% discount on any extras such as Individual Coaching outside of your inclusive 15 per year, all uniform and merchandise. Join us and let your child discover their full potential while having fun!

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