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On Line Workshops

TLC run termly on line workshops and Q&A Sessions with industry professionals such as Casting Directors, Performers, Agents and Producers. These workshops are open to any member of TLC and are also included in our Masterclass Series.

For more information about this terms Workshop and to register for participation scroll down!

How to Make an Effective Self Tape
Saturday 30th March 2023 
11:00 - 12:00: Online

Lots of castings and auditions now use self tapes as a method of auditioning. Therefore, knowing what they are looking for and understanding the skills needed is essential. 

TLC have teamed up with one of our affiliated agencies, 'Agency4Kidz' to provide our members with an online workshop this term,, in preparation for applying to and possibly working with one or more of our affiliated agencies. During the workshop Agency4Kidz will also be looking out for potential candidates for their books. Nothing is guaranteed, but you never know!

For more information on Agency4Kidz please visit their website by clicking on their logo below.

To sign up for the workshop click on book now
(places are limited)

Masterclass Series have a guaranteed place, you will just need to let us know via the WhatsApp group whether you will be attending.

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